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​​​​​Volunteer Opportunities​

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at CAF. Currently we are seeking volunteers to join our hard working team in the different programs CAF offers to the community. CAF needs committed people who are willing to make a difference. Specific volunteer opportunities, requirements, and contact information for each volunteer opportunity are listed below:

Casa y Comunidad Program
Healthy Families Initiative
Capacity Building Program
Elderly Program

 Lucia Suero

Lucia has volunteered for more than five years for the elderly group from CAF Nueva Esperanza. She helps in various areas that include exercising with the group, alphabetizing, helping with the activities and finding sponsor for the group.
I am very thankful for God and CAF and the opportunity that they have given me to help this beautiful cause.
- Lucia Suero​​

Maria Flores

"Working in CAF has been a blessing because through them I am in a network of people who work through compassion and professionalism. I have been able to see the needs of many people and collaborate to help them through the guidance and effort of CAF".​​​

Sunilda Peguero​

We want to thank Sunilda Peguero who has served as a volunteer for over 9 years with the elderly program "Nueva Esperanza" at CAF. Every Friday Ms. Peguero brings a smile to over forty-five elders in the city of Lawrence. 
"My passion has always been to serve and this program has given me the opportunity to do so. "       - Sunilda Peguero


Happy Volunteers !!!


Iraida Milian

"I thank CAF for the opportunity they gave me to be part of their volunteer team for the community transformation events."​




Arelis Silva

"I am grateful to CAF for allowing me to work as a volunteer in the Finance and Marketing Department, since 2014, where I have provided statistical analysis, have done web design translation, and much more. 
Being a volunteer at CAF has given me the opportunity to practice and develop the knowledge acquired in my field of study in college, while giving me at the same time the opportunity to serve others."

Thank You!

Sunilda Patricia Frias Ramirez

Patricia has volunteered as a Summer youth program sport couch and as an administrative assistance.
As a proud volunteer of CAF, I am overjoyed to be honored to be CAF’s Volunteer of the Month. CAF has always been a source of inspiration for me throughout the years, teaching me the fruits of hard work and perseverance. 
I have worked hand in hand with the personnel to help needing families find stability in difficult situations, be their obstacles financial, personal, or social, and in doing so I have learned how to reach out to people in need. 
patricia.jpgCAF has always been an institution that goes beyond its four walls to reach disabled and underprivileged demographics, a labor which is difficult, yet so rewarding, and I honestly can’t imagine a better place to work or volunteer. 

Thank you CAF so much for rewarding me with the title of Volunteer of the Month, however, my greatest reward has been serving to make my community a better place through your guidance. Warm Regards,
Sunilda Patricia Frias Ramirez​