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Agustina Mason 

 "I am very grateful for all the support Centro de Apoyo Familiar has given me in order for me to be able to keep my house after my husband's death.Agustina.jpg

CAF helped me obtain a reverse mortgage, that I never knew existed, with low interest rate. I was even able to get money back and make some improvements to my house." My husband's loss was very painful, but I thank God for CAF because today they have helped me by giving me hope, in addition to financial and emotional stability.


Kibsaim.pngKibsaim Jimenez

Kibsaim is a pastor leading a small church in Woodbridge, in Prince Williams County, Virginia. He arrived to the United States five years ago with a family of four earning a very low wage. Kibsaim got connected with CAF through its network of faith-based organizations, hoping that he could achieve the dream of homeownership. His housing counselor helped him establish a savings and credit rebuilding plan, and in less than six months he was able to purchase his first home with an FHA loan and $5,000 in down payment assistance. He has since inspired a great number of other families from is congregation and his community to do the same

Yuly Diaz

Yulyhouse.jpgWe want to congratulate Ms. Yuly Diaz, who has worked for CAF for over five years, and recently bought her first home. Ms. Diaz built up her credit and worked very hard until achieving the American dream of home ownership.​


Mr. Larios 

larios.jpg"I am so grateful for the support CAF provided me in the process of my loan modification.  After going through a number of hardships both financially and emotionally, today I am signing my loan modification that was approved by my lender."​

Jessica Castillo talks about her experience with CAF

"I would like to thank God and CAF for their great help, professionalism, and above all the financial advise and housing education I received from them to take the best decisions to purchase the house of my dreams. Thank you for your hard work, and for always responding to my worries, and helping me take the right steps to improve my credit score.”
The Story of Mr. Lopez

On November 7, 2015, Mr. Lopez and his wife came to our office seeking help to prevent a foreclosure on their home that was already scheduled by his lender. The Lopez’s got behind with their mortgage payment after Mr. Lopez’s bank account was mistaken with his son’s, who also happened to have the same name and last name. Unfortunately his son lost his life tragically, and since then life was very complicated for the Lopez family, both financially and emotionally. Trying to keep their home, the Lopez‘s became victim of fraud and lost most of their savings and hope. lopez.jpg

When the Lopez’s arrived to our office we certainly provided the support they needed in order to keep their home and restore their hope.  We feel so blessed to report that the Lopez’s recently received a mortgage modification where they got a reduced mortgage payment of $1331.05 to $936.46 a month.

Yumairy Duran obtained a house

 “The class was very helpful, very informational. I highly recommend taking this class. It was worth the time. I am very happy and glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of it! “ said Yumairy Duran.yumairy.jpg
Yumairy Duran attended our home buying class last month on March 19th and 20th  where she received,  the orientation, certification and help of our team and just bought her home!​